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Please note that this cost only applies to general cargo. It doesn’t apply to special considerations such as the transport of live animals, dangerous or valuable goods, perishables, automobiles or extremely time-sensitive goods.

Please contact your nearest Emirates SkyCargo office for special cargo requests.

Note: All charges quoted are for prepaid service only.

This price quotation is a quotation only and does not constitute a contract or an invoice.

This quotation is valid for seven (7) days from the date of this offer and is based on the weight and dimension details supplied by you through the price quote system.

If you have supplied the gross weight of your shipment, the price quotation is based on the gross weight supplied.

If you have supplied the dimensions of your shipment, the price quotation is based on either the volume weight or the gross weight, whichever is higher.

The price quotation is calculated on the chargeable weight of your shipment (chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or volume weight, whichever is higher).

In case of a discrepancy in any of the details supplied by you when the shipment is accepted for carriage by Emirates or its agents at the origin airport, the price quotation may become invalid.

The weight and dimensions of your consignment will be confirmed prior to acceptance and the total freight charges may be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, there may be other applicable charges at origin and all such charges must be paid before the shipment is forwarded.

This price quotation applies to general cargo only and does not apply to special cargo including without limitation live animals, dangerous goods, valuable cargo, vulnerable cargo, perishable cargo etc.

This price quotation is subject to change without notice until the shipment is accepted by Emirates or its agents at the origin airport against issue of a fully completed air waybill and other relevant documents.