Contributing to communities and the environment

As a part of the Emirates Group, we believe that we have a responsibility to the communities we serve.

Our global reach puts us in an excellent stead, to reach out across the continents we serve and to stand for the things that we believe in.
Whether it's building schools in emerging markets to raise living standards for future generations, engaging in philanthropy where we can, or making sure that we’re an environmental leader in reducing carbon footprints in the air cargo industry, we are always involved in the bigger picture.

We’re United For Wildlife

We're in the business of facilitating trade, and understand its power to benefit communities. We're also aware of the destructive power that illegal wildlife trade has on the planet’s ecosystems and its most endangered species. Entire species are being hunted to extinction for horns, teeth and hair in an illegal economy worth up to USD 150 billion, leaving us all the poorer. That’s why we’re leading the industry in combatting the supply chain of illegal wildlife trade. The Emirates Group has partnered with United For Wildlife, joining governments and global corporations in an alliance that seeks to keep wildlife preserved for the benefit of future generations.

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Non-profit charity organisation

At Emirates SkyCargo, we believe in making a difference in the lives of others. The Emirates Airline Foundation aims to help disadvantaged children realise their full potential by providing them with basic needs such as food, medicine, housing and education. Focusing particularly on children trapped in extreme poverty, the foundation (made up of volunteer employees and friends of the Emirates Group) strives to reduce illness and childhood mortality rates while providing humanitarian services and philanthropic aid.