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Say hello to the economical process that simplifies your business - at no extra cost. By eliminating paper printing, handling and processing expenses, e-freight reduces your time by decreasing the waiting period when processing freight.

Not only will we help you to increase visibility with data accuracy, but we'll provide EDI messaging to ensure a quality information exchange from the source - from the outset of a shipment lifecycle.

Conserving the environment. Another great reason to choose e-freight. Reducing your carbon footprint not only helps your business to reduce costs, but you can achieve legislative compliance and benefit from positive environmental marketing.


  • Reduction of paper usage - no air waybill & copies of documents
  • Increased data accuracy & transparency during the shipment life cycle
  • Increased manpower productivity
  • Decrease in the acceptance & delivery process times
  • Enabling customs & other stakeholders to work with advanced information to facilitate expedient import clearance & control
  • Enables trade facilitation
  • Conserves the environment & reduces carbon footprint