Exotic Care

Transportation of exotic animals

If you need to send your exotic pet, exotic animals for breeding, preservation, zoo exchange, rehabilitation programs, we guarantee the most specialised care, complete understanding and preparedness to co-operate, for achieving your and these sensitive animals' requirements.

We're experts in the carriage of many different kinds of animals. Regular travellers with us include falcons and other exotic birds, tropical fish, amphibians, with increasingly more exotic species like kangaroos, bears, tigers, penguins, seals, cheetahs, hyenas, elephants and even hippos. We pay attention to everything: from container design, ventilation, stocking densities to documentation and communication.

No matter what your animal is, we offer special arrangements designed to meet every need with animal welfare on our mind. Our Animal Care facilities at our operational hub in Dubai hosts a team of experienced ground and animal handling staff and has at our disposal experienced certified exotic handlers. We collaborate by arranging access to our facilities for animal handlers accompanying animals, should they require it during transportation.

In strict compliance with the requirements of the IATA LAR, animal safety and welfare considerations at every stage of transportation and handling, we ensure for these sensitive animals as stress free a journey to their destination as possible.

To find out more please contact your local Emirates SkyCargo office.

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