Premium solution using active containers for high-end perishables that cannot withstand the slightest temperature deviation like cheese, wine and frozen products.

Features at a Glance

* Conditions Apply

Ideal for frozen goods, fine wines and cheeses, high-end fruits and seafood, etc.

Temperature-controlled containers from Envirotainero*, CSafe and DoKasch

Airport-to-airport transportation

Track & trace with online temperature monitoring

Flown as booked with priority handling

Specialised storage area

Product Code: PXC

*Environtainero is our preferred partner

Imagine premium handcrafted gelato from Italy flown in for a corporate dinner in Sydney arrives melted. Frozen goods, special cheeses, wines and other high-end perishables that can't withstand even the slightest of temperature deviation during transportation require special handling with temperature-controlled containers. That's why Emirates Fresh Active is the best solution to make sure they arrive with their product integrity intact.

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