Cool Chain- Premium

Delivering vital healthcare products

For patients around the world, it's crucial that life-saving drugs reach them in time and in perfect condition. From essential vitamins to highly-sensitive vaccines, we're here to help you deliver your cures all over the world.

Features at a Glance

* Conditions Apply

Active Temperature Controlled Containers*

Prioritized ground handling**

Temperature controlled cargo hold in aircraft***

Qualified Envirotainer Provider

Temperature controlled handling

Temperature controlled storage

Temperature monitoring available online

*Supplied by leading active cold chain container supplier - Envirotainer
**Local infrastructure limitations apply
***IATA PCR EK-02 applies
**** If agreed in SOPs

With the revolutionary Active Temperature Controlled Container, supplied by Envirotainer, you'll maintain an unbroken cool chain, whilst complying with the most challenging requirements of the healthcare industry. This pioneering container ensures seamless handling throughout the supply chain worldwide. What's more, as Qualified Envirotainer Providers (QEP), you can rest assure your temperature-sensitive freight arrives in pristine condition.

With us, service in the air is always matched on the ground. Feel confident that our highly trained handling specialists, global network and state-of-the-art infrastructure, including our Cargo Mega Terminal (CMT) in Dubai which houses independently-controlled, special storage zones to maintain the critical requirements of your goods, will offer you complete peace of mind for all your temperature sensitive transport requirements.

To find out how you can benefit from our Cool Chain - Premium temperature-sensitive solutions, contact your local Emirates SkyCargo office or agent.

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