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Boeing 747-400ERF

The Boeing 747-400ERF is capable of carrying up to 117 tonnes. Its main deck-side cargo door, with a height of approximately three metres, allows the uplift of oversized shipments that cannot be accommodated in the belly-hold of passenger aircraft. The nose door allows the carriage of long pieces.

Standard ULD Configuration

Main Deck: 6 Q6 (96"), 1Q6 (62"), 23 Q7 (118") and 02 PYB
Lower Deck: 9 LD36 or PMC & 2 AKE
ULD combinations are permitted

Bulk Hold: 15 cubic metres

Door Sizes

Main Deck Nose: 104" x 98'
Main Deck Side Door: 134" x 122"

Lower Deck

Forward & AFT Hold: 104" x 66'
Bulk Hold: 44" x 47"
Cargo Vlume: 625 cubic metres
Maximum Permitted Height: Height on lower deck units are restricted to 62"/158cms to make it compatible with passenger aircraft