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Boeing 777F

The Boeing 777F is the most environmentally-friendly freighter operated today, with the lowest fuel burn of any comparably-sized cargo aircraft. Along with its wide main-deck cargo door which can accommodate oversized consignments, it is also capable of carrying up to 103 tonnes of cargo non-stop on 10-hour sector lengths.


MAIN DECK - 27PMC (96" X 125")
22 X 118" Height (Contour)/ 4 x 116" Height (Contour)/1 x 96" Height (No Contour)
Lower Deck: Total 10 PMC (96" X 125")
Forward Hold: 6 PMC
AFT Hold: 4 PMC
ULD Combinations are permitted
Bulk Hold: 15 cubic metres

Main Deck Door: 142" x 120"
Lower Deck Doors:
Forward Hold: 106" x 67"
AFT Hold: 106" x 67"
Bulk Hold: 35" x 47"
Cargo Tonnage: 103,000 KGS
Cargo Volume: 550 cubic metres

Note: Height of lower deck units is restricted to 62"/158 cm to make it compatible with passenger aircraft.